* UNIDIR Lessons JCPOA ME WMDFZ, June 2021


* Pathways Forward for the ME WMDFZ Process and 2020 NPT Review Conference Report, UNIDIR, June 2020


* Scholarly editing of A New Textbook of Americanism: The Politics of Ayn Rand. Jonathan Hoenig (ed), March 2019 


* State Department Language Services:


- President Trump's speech in Jerusalem, Israel, May 2017 (Jointly with Merav Rozenblum) 


 - President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia, May 2017 (Jointly with Merav Rozenblum)

 - Report on Religious Freedom, August 2012

 - Report on Human Trafficking, July 2012

- FDA instructions for foreign companies, August 2011

- White House statements, Mideast Peace Meeting, September 1, 2010

- Vice President Biden's speech at Tel Aviv University, March 2010

- Report on religious freedom in the occupied territories, November 2009

- President Obama's Cairo Speech "A New Beginning," June 2009 (Jointly with Merav Rozenblum) (certificate of Appreciation below)


* "Medicine in Theresienstadt" by Anna Hajkova, Dapei Kesher issue 83, Theresienstadt Remembrance Members Association, September 2017


* "Philadelphia: America's First World Heritage City" - Hebrew Subtitles, MTM LinguaSoft, August 2017 


* Kurt Weill and We Will Never Die: All About Jewish Theater, March 2017


* Ladino Theater: Repertoire: All About Jewish Theater, February 2017

* JSTOR Overview and Contract - Pilot Project for Hebrew Online Journals, University Translators Services, November 2012

* "Early Diagnosis Makes a Difference" and "Drug Could Help Boys Walk" for Little Steps Association for Children with DMD/BMD, August 2012

* Computer game Where Rivers Meet the Sea for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Spring 2009

* Evaluation of scientific, medical devices and telecommunication translation tests - for Tek Translations International, Spain, 2005

* "Trolls" by Robert Borski, published in Fantasia 2000, no. 23, 1981

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